Our Product

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Fully integrated with clinic workflows and Hypnoscure application module suite. Launch video visits right from the Hypnoscure clinic scheduler. Setup patient appointment reminders and alerts. Uses one of the most reliable and popular video delivery systems (Zoom) at no additional cost. HIPAA compliant deployment. One click to notify the patient and start the video session from within the Hypnoscure application.

Billing Capture

This module allows for the capture of clinic billing codes and increases revenue beyond the cost of the entire software suite. Fully integrated with clinic workflows. ID care delivery opportunities with population health monitoring module, deliver care in person or virtually, verify billing codes eligibility, capture billing, send documented encounters to your billing system for payment, run reports to manage and trend financial performance.


The dashboards show daily tasks and track compliance with sleep apnea interventions. Hypnoscure software provides reminders for patient visits and regular PAP downloads. These can be integrated with the EHR. Our software provides relationship management capability for optimal patient interactions

Patient Scheduling

Schedule clinic time slots for the appropriate amount of time with the optimal clinic resources. Fully integrated with Telehealth and Billing Capture modules. Manage clinic schedule and optimize provider time. Fast and easy to use interface

DME Provider Integration

Need your CPAP download data ready for the next day's appointments with providers? This can be done with the single click of a mouse. You can specify different durations of CPAP data download. AI capabilities provide alerts of patient noncompliance with their PAP therapy.